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Explosion-proof fume hoods are a special type of chemical hoods. This metal equipment is designed for work on chemical substances which pose the threat of explosion.

The explosion-proof hoods were awarded the Ex type certificate by the Head Institute of the BARBARA Experimental Mine in Katowice, concerning explosion safety. This seal of approval enables the fume hoods to be employed in the rooms threatened with explosions, like ether laboratories, as well certifies them as being fit for use with flammable substances and substances that form explosive mixtures with air.


- the structure of the fume hood is made out of metal sheets and steel sections coated with epoxide powder paint,

  • the window frame can be lifted, and the panes can be moved horizontally within the frame;
  • ceramic working plate;
  • the interior of the working chamber is coated with epoxide powder paint or covered with ceramics
  • the metal ventilation duct is coated with epoxide powder paint or made of steel resistant to corrosion;
  • for safety reasons, the wiring system is explosion-proof (intrinsically safe);
  • water valves located in the sidewalls of the hood.

The dimensions of these explosion-proof hoods correspond to those of the hoods with metal or ceramic glove boxes.
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