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Horizontal laminar air flow chambers are used when it is necessary to secure preparations, above all in pharmacies, in biological, pharmaceutical and medical laboratories, in research and development institutions, as well as in food and cosmetic industry.


  • horizontal laminar air flow;
  • the stability of laminar flow at a speed of  0.45 m/s is ± 20%,
  • the speed of flow is automatically adjusted as the filter resistance increases;
  • it is possible to set the speed of air flow;
  • sound and light alarm to show that air is blown inappropriately;
  • the efficiency of extracting particles of 0,3 μm and more is better than 99.995%;
  • coarse filter and the HEPA filter according the 209 E Federal Standard and the H14 filter according to PN - EN 1822;
  • dialogue control panel operated in the Polish language;
  • stand-by function used if the speed of air-blowing has been decreased;
  • disinfection carried out by a sterilamp with a programmable time-lag switch;
  • all function are blocked if the sterilamp has been activated;
  • light and sound signalling system turns on after the chamber has been sterilised by the sterilamp;
  • counter to measure the time of the chamber operation;
  • counter to measure the time of the sterilamp operation,
  • disinfection carried out by the sterilamp;
  • indicator to show  the speed of air-flow;
  • the working space illuminated by fluorescent lamps of at least 500 lx;
  • the working plate made of stainless steel;
  • the working plate is divided and not perforated in the working area; it is possible install a whole element as a plate;
  • glazed side walls;
  • the casing coated with smooth epoxide paint, which is easy to remove;
  • at a nominal air flow, the sound intensity is below 65 dB (A);
  • conformity declaration CE, chambers have the CE mark on them;
  • power supply 230V, 50Hz;


 KLV- 21

power consumption
0,35 kW
0,16 kW
weight (with a stand)
255 kg
150 kg
1290 mm 680 mm
800 mm 800 mm
height (with a stand)
1760 mm 1760 mm
Dimensions of the working space:  
1225 mm 618 mm
465 mm 465 mm
595 mm 595 mm

It is possible to install electric sockets and connect gas, compressed air, etc.

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