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Seals of approval

The certificates that we obtained confirm that the products of the POLON – POZNAŃ Sp. z o.o. company meet the strictest criteria of safety, quality, and production standards.

The ISO 9001 certificate guarantees that the products and services offered by the plant are being consistently improved.
Authorised bodies issued certificates to prove that our products comply with the regulations and standards in force.

Certificates and seals of approval:

Issued by the POLISH CENTRE FOR CERTIFICATION AND TESTING in Warsaw , the ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate confirms that the Polish Standard (PN-EN ISO 9001:2009) is conformed to, concerning quality assurance systems with regard to designing, manufacturing, delivering and servicing furniture and laboratory equipment.

Certificates confirming the compliance of furniture systems with standards:

  • PN-EN 14727:2006 “Laboratory furniture – Laboratory storage furniture – Requirements and test methods”
  • PN-EN 13150:2004 “Laboratory work tables – Dimensions, safety requirements, and test methods”, issued by an independent, accredited research laboratory, WOOD TECHNOLODY INSTITUTE in Poznan.
Ex type certificate – Protective equipment, systems, parts and subassemblies for use in spaces threatened with explosions according to the 94/9/WE directive; a certificate concerning explosion-proof fume hoods, issued by an accredited and notified body, CENTRAL MINING INSTITUTE in Katowice.

Classification in respect of reaction to fire according to EN 13501-1:2007 for metal furniture made of steel sheet covered with epoxide powder paint; a certificate issued by the BUILDING RESEARCH INSTITUTE in Warsaw.

Certificate of Conformity with the PN-EN 14175 standard, concerning fume hoods, issued by INSTITUT PRO TESTOVÁNI A CERTYFIKACI A.S in the Czech Republic.

Moreover, we have seals of approval and certificates for the materials used to manufacture our products, deeming them fit for use in laboratories.

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