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The structures of attachments are designed to stand independently on the floor and are made out of metal sheets and sections (profiles) which are powder sprayed with epoxide paint. They can be used in island and wall workstations.


Installation attachment of a length of: 1500, 1200, 900 lub 600 mm,
height of 1900 mm,
depth of  150 mm.

The sides of the attachments may be equipped with:

  • device’s main breaker switch,
  • overcurrent switch
  • 230 V sockets,  IP44
  • 400 V sockets
Depending on the user’s needs, the following can be installed in the joint of the sides (web): 

  • cold water dispensers and a sink
  • mixer
  • earth gas and LPG valves (single and double)
  • compressed air valve
  • vacuum valve, nitrogen valve, etc.
The following can be fixed to the installation attachments :

  • metal and laminated cabinets with solid or glazed fronts;
  • laminated shelves and safety glass shelves
  • trusses made out of steel rods
  • laboratory drain-boards
  • shelf brackets to mount a lamp to illuminate the working area.
The position of shelves can be changed every 60mm.

Dimensions of wall shelves:
1500; 1200; 900; 600x345 mm
Dimensions of island shelves:
1500; 1200; 900; 600x275 mm

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