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The products manufactured by the POLON POZNAŃ Sp. z o.o. company are characterised by aesthetics and modern designs. The wide choice of colours will provide any laboratory with an unique and original look.

We wish to present the possibilities and principles of choosing colours for our products.

1. Steel elements, like frames, attachments, frame hood structures, metal cabinet bodies, are in the following colours as a standard:
  • RAL 7035 (light grey)
  • RAL 9001 (white)
  • any colour of the RAL epoxide paints can be used, if required by the customer.
2. The fronts and drawers of metal cabinets are painted any colour of the RAL epoxide paint that is required by the customer.

3. The fronts and drawers of laminated cabinets are any colour of the available laminate coatings that is required by the customer (the palette of a coating manufacturer).

4. The bodies of laminated cabinets are the following colours:
  • white
  • light grey
5. Table tops and sinks made of the MONOLITE solid ceramal:
  • a choice of 5 basic colours (waiting time: approximately 4-5 weeks)
  • choice of 15 colours of a RAL manufacturer (waiting time: 8 weeks approximately)
basic colours:
  • RAL 9003 (dull white)
  • RAL 7035 (dull light grey)
  • RAL 7045 (dull light grey, speckled)
  • RAL 7040 (dark grey)
  • RAL 7040 (glossy dark grey, speckled)
6. Table tops made of granite and quartz conglomerate with polyester resin (POLODROM).
  • blanco saraiba (as a standard)
  • the customer is surcharged if any other colours of the palette of a table top manufacturer are required
7. Laminated work table tops.
  • colours and textures are selected from the available palette of a manufacturer
8. Work table tops made of epoxide resin (Durcon).
  • light grey (as a standard)
  • white (surcharge)
  • black (surcharge)
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